Luca Salassa Luca Salassa obtained his undergraduate degree (2001) at the University of Turin (Italy), where he also completed his PhD under the supervision of Prof. R. Gobetto (2004). After working as a postdoctoral fellow in the group of Prof. J. B. A. Ross at the University of Montana (USA), he was awarded a MC-IEF fellowship (2008) to join Prof. P. J. Sadler at the University of Warwick (UK) where he stayed until the end of 2011.
Since early 2012 he moved to CIC biomaGUNE (San Sebastián, Spain) with a Ramón y Cajal Fellowship (tenure-track). Luca's research is focused on the study of photoactivatable metal complexes for anticancer applications and on the development of novel theranostic nanomaterials based on the integration of photoactivatable metal complexes and inorganic nanoparticles.

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Emmanuel Ruggiero Emmanuel Ruggiero obtained his M. Sc. Degree in Chemistry at the University of Naples 'Federico II' in 2011. He later moved to NEST-Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa with a 9-months fellowship where he worked on the synthesis of non-natural peptides for delivery and selective release in cells. His research interests are biotechnology and nanomedicine.
In 2013, he joined the group and started his PhD under Luca's supervision. The project will focus on the development of novel photoactivatable nanomaterials for anticancer application.

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Silvia Alonso de Castro Silvia Alonso de Castro obtained her M. Sc. Degree in Applied Chemistry and Pharmacology at the University Jaime I in 2013 (Castellón de la Plana, Spain). During her Master’s thesis in the Supramolecular Chemistry group, she developed new tetrapeptidic hydrogels and studied their coaggregation under supervision of Dr. Juan F. Miravet. Recently, she worked to a joint project with P&G investigating the rheology of such materials.
She recently started her PhD on a project concerning the use of upconverting materials for photochemotherapy with metal complexes.

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Past Members
Abraha Habtemariam Abraha stayed with us in 2013-2014 on sabbatical leave from the Sadler Group (University of Warwick). He was awarded an IKERBASQUE Visiting Professor Fellowship.
Palermo Students Alessandro Chiara, Candida Pipitone, Pamela Benzan and Giulia Licciardi (from left to right) joined the group for the summer of 2014 thanks to funding provided by the "Messaggeri della Conoscenza" program (MIUR). They were involved in our research on novel photoactivatable metal complexes and upconversion nanoparticles.